Reconnective Healing/The Reconnection ~ Debra Hadley ~

Specializing in Our Animal Brethren & Their People

Tumour Pain, Nausea, Emotions, Energy [Human]                                        

1st Session [Distance]
I felt the frequencies actually begin earlier than my session time - back to the night prior!  During my actual session, I felt things both energetically and physically.  My cancerous tumour pain went from a usual level of at least "6" (with use of painkillers) down to only a "1" by the morning, to a ".5" as I spoke with Deb right after, and then to "0" by the end of our conversation, and I hadn't yet taken my usual morning pain medication!  My lower leg muscles were also still moving on their own during our conversation afterward.  During my session I heard voices of guidance that instructed me and enabled me to stop my ego processes more easily.  I was told to "be the observer".  I went in and out of an altered state of consciousness at least 4-5 times.  I felt my body moving up & down rapidly as if in an elevator and I saw colours.  I felt abdominal shifting, moving and, significantly to me, a 'popping' in my uterus, where I've had a number of uterine fibroids.  It seemed like Deb had either left the room, wasn't where I thought she was, and/or other beings were working around her.  At times my hands and feet were cold, then my feet warmed up.  My stomach rumbled. Interestingly, prior to my session, I'd been fretting about the session length, but the voices of guidance told me, "No, it will feel like 5 minutes"....and it honestly did!
2nd Session [post 1st chemo treatment]
I felt all tingly like water and had lots of 'rushes' like that.  When Deb was working around my head, there was a pressure there.  I got cold and then warm after.  My stomach felt like it got really empty, with it seeming like a white light rather like a void.  I suddenly thought about bowls of pasta, and later on it felt full again.  I hadn't had an appetite, from the chemo, but I was able to eat again after this session.  Again, I heard voices, this time telling me to stop "intending" anything and to allow Deb to do this work.  I recalled a morning dream I'd had that related to being free of the karmic bonds of my condition, after which I felt a release.  Then I was in a 'dream' and I was asked personal questions.  I saw many colours again and felt another 'pop' in my upper left leg area.  Again, I sensed Deb either being elsewhere or even leaving the room &/or others working around her.  Afterward my mouth was moister and more comfortable, plus my voice wasn't so 'strange' anymore, both of which had been side-effects of the chemo.  Again, the session time just flew by.

3rd Session
I'd been feeling terrible from my 2nd round of chemo, and suffering from lots of nausea.  This time I felt something or someone working in my stomach and my nausea left during the session.  The energy in my head was 'rushing', I saw deep purple and it felt like someone had 'tapped' me on my head repeatedly at the same time.  The voices, which had been more or less absent since this last round of chemo, came back again.  As with the other sessions, I felt Deb had left the room or was where she wasn't, or other beings were working around her at the same time.  Afterward, it felt like my energy (which had been way down from the chemo) was a bit higher and I was especially clearer around my head.

4th [Distance] Session [at client's request, re: continuing chemo]
It felt like I was in a state in between being awake and asleep, like in all my previous sessions, but I was more relaxed with less inner 'activity'.  Then the voices began again, asking me twice what it was I wanted.  I was told to do what I wanted, instead of out of a sense of obligation, that it was time to let go of that, and that I'd be allowed to say what I wanted.  It felt like I was having a healing of my emotions, as if I felt more optimistic now.  I felt full-body, tingly rushes, almost like shivers but I wasn't cold. Twice, I saw a bright light like the sun shining on my face, but it wasn't that, because it was cloudy out and my shades were drawn.  At the end of my session my nausea was gone again (after 2 or so previous days of that), my stomach was gurgling and I was actually hungry again! Reconnective Healing is just an amazing experience!

Calgary, AB

Multiple Conditions, Double Healing [Canine & Human]

First Distance Session
Tee was sleeping through the whole distance session, while I observed.  When she got up later, she was not limping.  Later that day, she was so calm, yet very alert and almost spunky.  I was also feeling really at peace, very calm and relaxed.  The night before, I'd sliced my eye wide open, received a few sutures and it was hurting like crazy awhile before Tee's session, but afterwards, my eye was not even tender or sore, and I hadn't taken anything for it.  Amazing!

A week later, Tee went for her check-up on her ears, back and urine.  She was doing incredibly well.  Her ears were almost healed from an ear infection gone haywire and her limp was almost gone.  (we were still waiting on the urine culture results) I explained to the vet what we had done for her and she thought there had been great improvement, and that it should be done again.  But we had all noticed a big difference in her already.  After the urine tests were back, her urine came back clear and her ears were getting there, too.  She'd re-injured her leg getting all happy to see her daddy after a week's trip away - I think she forgot she was 12 and had a bum leg!

Second Distance Session
Tee was quite relaxed and her ears moved quite a bit.  She is blind...but her eyes were flicking back and forth and her paws moved slightly.  Now the amazing part - she'd just had a CBC done for her liver enzymes which were all out of whack with infection and/or liver problems cited, but it all came back normal and her liver enzymes and ranges were all back to normal!!!!  There was also no more infection in her ears.

Report, over a month later
We'd had her on antibiotics off and on for 12 years or so for her ears, but since her last session she's had no problems with them whatsoever.  It's a miracle! Since her last session, her eyes also became very responsive.  I think she (now) has some vision on the sides of her eyes. Her vet said she is completely blind, but after her session with Deb, I beg to differ!

After 3rd Distance Session, over another month later
Tee has been doing extremely well, her limp is next to nothing and only noticeable on cold, damp, rainy days, and her ears remain the clearest and cleanest I've seen them in 12 years!

Report, 10 months later
Tee's ears are still great, her liver and kidney enzymes are all normal, and her limp is still almost gone.


Sadly, awhile later, just prior to her 13th birthday and unbeknownst to anyone at that time, Tee suddenly developed acute kidney failure from a rare bacteria, and was helped to transition.  Michelle asked me to include, in my own words, the other unexpected benefit of my last session with Tee, and so I gratefully honour her request here:

I did an emergency session for Tee while on vacation, unaware of her condition except for some recent vomiting.  During the session, I suddenly and involuntarily received a telepathic message from her, where she calmly and matter-of-factly informed me that she was dying, and felt wholly at peace with it.  I believe this, my first impromptu in-session animal communion, was purposely aided by the Reconnective Healing frequencies.  This itself resulted in another aspect of healing, but for Michelle herself, in helping her to more easily release her feelings of doubt & guilt over Tee's euthanization, and being able to replace them instead with the knowledge that her family had indeed made the right decision for their most beloved Tee, after all.  It was more than an honour to work in service to Tee, my very first fur client, and I remain so grateful for being able to facilitate over a year's worth of much-improved quality of life for her in her Golden Years.  I deeply thank and honour sweet Tee for her many gifts to all of us. Such a wonderful fur-girl...and we will always miss her so dearly.

~ Deb

Foot Problem with Limping [Pig]

Max had suddenly developed an extremely sore foot that had worsened over about 2 weeks, to the point where he could barely stand or walk anymore, often having to walk on his knee.  He had an in-person session with Deb on the same day I began using some TCM herbals for him, but he only had one dose that day and it normally takes a few doses of these to become effective.  The very next day, although he was still limping, he was able to walk again!  Then by the last of his distance sessions, I got a huge surprise -- I'd been out all day, and as soon as I arrived home I was thrilled to see Max come running out to greet me! 

Lucie Cerny
R.A.S.T.A . [Rescue & Sanctuary for Threatened Animals]
AB, Canada

Behavioural Problem [Pig]                                                 

Isabelle had suddenly decided that her former best friend, Max, was now her mortal enemy. She'd even been beating him up and chasing him out of their indoor stall.  As a result, I'd had to keep them separated for about a month but that still hadn't resolved the problem.  There didn't seem to be anything physically wrong with her, either, that would have caused this change in her.  After Deb did 3 distance  sessions with her over a week, even though I was still separating them overnight, I noticed an improvement in Isabelle, in that she didn't seem as 'pissy' and was more laid-back around Max.  It was also interesting that Deb got some information from Isabelle about a smell (during 2 of her sessions) which could have related to at least one of them having uncommonly urinated inside their stall during some frigid weather we'd had earlier.

Lucie Cerny
R.A.S.T.A.  [Rescue & Sanctuary for Threatened Animals]
AB, Canada

Heart Problems [Feline]

I have two cats who are both being treated for heart problems.  Since my cats' Reconnective Healing sessions, they have been doing great!  On their next check-up with the cardiologist, he said he was “surprised” at their progress and the (test) numbers.  I was so happy!  They seem to have so much more energy and are doing much better, physically and mentally.  They are just like kittens again, running all over the house!  I truly believe their healing sessions were a blessing and I am so happy to have done it!  Our minds, bodies and spirits are all connected and it’s so important to address all these.

My 2 cats each did different things during the sessions - one squatted down and relaxed under a blanket, and the other one was up and about.  Debra was able to connect with both of them telepathically and it was so interesting to hear what went on.  She even knew things about my one cat that there was no way she could have known unless she connected with him.  Every day I am grateful that I decided to do their healing sessions with Debra, because they just seem to be so much better now and it's such a relief.


Kidney & Behavioural Problems, Double Healing [Feline & Human]

My cat was diagnosed with a kidney problem 1 year ago.  Since she is a senior cat, I know this can happen, but I felt her nervous behaviour was also a part of the problem.  So I asked Debra for a distance healing for her.  My cat was already sitting right next to me when the session started. I could tell she was enjoying it, as she could hardly open her eyes, even if I made a noise - unlike her usual self.  I was next to her the whole time, so I could tell Debra about the responses from the Reconnective Healing frequencies.  I, also, felt so relaxed, and the space (energy) between my cat and my body looked like the air was moving (flowing) slowly.  After the session, Debra gave me a call and I got an extra gift from her!

Debra did communicate with my cat!  Now I know exactly why she was behaving so nervously, and Debra was able to advise me on what my cat had communicated to her.  The next day, my cat was more playful, like a kitten, showing her appearance to anyone, talking a lot and demanding food - all things I'd wanted to see for a long time!

And Debra's work HEALED ME, TOO! : )  I had a bad cough for a couple of weeks and especially at night, without my "puffer," I could not sleep well.  The night after my cat's session, I slept soundly for the first time since I'd had this cough.  No more irritation in my throat and chest and no medicine needed at night! Thank you so -- much!

Isuzu K.
Reconnective Healing® Practitioner
Calgary, AB

"Profound" Deafness [Feline]

I'd recently adopted Mozart, a 3-4 mon. old cat in need of a home.  His first vet visit was routine and despite the classical "rescued cat" array of worms, ear mites, slightly teary eyes and fleas, he was given a clean bill of health.  At first, we attributed his prolonged periods of sleeping and lack of audible response to the emotional and physical duress he had previously endured.  After a day and a half of having to awaken him for feedings and affection, my daughter jokingly asked, “Mozart, are you deaf?”  She retrieved a metal pot and spoon and we tested him while he was asleep by banging them together repeatedly behind his head, and there was absolutely no response.  A follow-up visit to the vet confirmed that he was profoundly deaf.  During his first distance session, Deb received from him (among other things) that not hearing was an inner decision he'd made in response to his former family telling him he was "stupid" and that they didn't want him.  Soon after his first session, his ears began to flicker at the slightest sounds, but he wasn’t yet responding to louder sounds.  I asked Mozart about this myself and he told me he wanted to begin hearing "softly," to "give him time," and that he would progress to a normal level of hearing.  He'd obviously made a new and more positive decision right after his first session! 

During his 2nd distance session, and she not even knowing I'd asked him anything, Deb validated his answer by also hearing him say he didn't yet want to hear certain sounds, like loud banging noises.  But a few weeks after the 2nd distance session his hearing became much more acute and he was responding to all sounds.  Five months after his last session, his hearing still appears to be perfectly normal!   I had researched deafness in kittens and the only option I discovered that may have been able to alleviate his deafness would have been a cochlear implant, and knew that would have clearly been out of my financial range.  I would have to definitely attribute Reconnective Healing with the recovery of Mozart’s hearing!
I'd later ordered the book, “The Reconnection - Heal Others, Heal Yourself” and I pulled the package from my mail box one morning.  As I sat on the sofa to open the package, Mozart jumped up and watched with great interest.  When the package was fully opened, Mozart sniffed and sniffed the book and then touched it with his paw.  I bring in mail on a daily basis and have ordered many books, and this is the only book he'd showed any interest in.  Upon opening the book to scan it, I immediately felt the same tingly sensations throughout my body just as I did when Deb began another of our cats' first session. [note: Adele felt the frequencies arrive two separate times prior to her other cat's scheduled session] 

I would highly recommend Deb Hadley.  She is very knowledgeable in the Reconnective Healing  modality, and responded to my request, providing in-depth feedback promptly.  It is because of Deb that I and my sister have chosen to pursue Reconnective Healing.

Adele Madey
Reiki Master Teacher ART/PRISIMOLOGY Master/Teacher/Starfire AC