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Specializing in Our Animal Brethren & Their People

A warm, fuzzy welcome to all visitors here, where you are invited to explore the intriguing and expansive work of RECONNECTIVE HEALING® and THE RECONNECTION®.  Please look around to discover how this new form of healing may enhance and assist your animal companions, yourself, or any of your loved ones, in your interconnected health, well-being and evolution.

There is so much to know....So many things are true....

The way my feet must go may not be the best for you.

And so, I give this spark of what is light to me,

to guide you through the dark, but not tell you what to see.

 ~author unknown~


I am a born "animal passionate" and advocate, with a natural kinship and bond with these precious souls and all of Nature, and previous experience with several natural healing methods I followed in the care of my beloved furchildren.  Following their transitions, in purrfect, Divine serendipity and timing, Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection was placed straight in my path.  Within two weeks of first discovering Dr. Eric Pearl's work, I undertook the training to become a practitioner, and delightfully also discovered its philosophy truly resonated with that which I'd already come to believe myself - that perfect match I'd been waiting for!  It has gifted me with the ability and means to expand upon the loving legacy of my furchildren, in being able to offer a wondrous, positive, ease-filled and miraculous means to continue to help animals and their people, and indeed, this whole planet and universe!  Spontaneously enhancing my interspecies communion ability in order to serve others better, was another bonus of this evolved calling.  I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be part of a deeper, more sacred science and spirituality, and to share my love of this work with those who are ready for something new, something different, something powerful and something very real.

Reconnective Healing tends to be a life-changing experience, as it is a new and vastly different form of healing from the various "energy healing techniques" we've known before.  It is a more comprehensive spectrum than has been attainable at any point prior to now, consisting of universal frequencies that miraculously work outside the space/time dimensions previously known to us, and which serve as a multi-dimensional interface with the Universe. The Reconnective Healing spectrum is comprised of the full healing and evolutionary continuum of energy, light and information.  Equally effective in-person or by 'distance,' Reconnective Healing is a profound, yet quicker and easier means where the frequencies allow a return to balance, which in turn facilitates healing on any or all interconnected levels...yet also goes beyond, to include the evolution of your very being and essence!

 Reconnective Healing has garnered great interest from top doctors and medical researchers at hospitals and universities such as Jackson Memorial Hospital, UCLA, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, the VA Hospital, University of Minnesota, University of Miami Medical School and University of Arizona.  Studies are still underway, including research teams working at or alongside Reconnective Healing events, under the guidance of such renowned research scientists as: 

Gary Schwartz, PhD, Professor at University of Arizona, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, Professor of Physics at St. Petersburg State Technical University in Russia, The International Institute of Biophysics in Germany [founder: theoretical physicist Professor Fritz-Albert Popp], and William Tiller, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Stanford University?s Department of Materials Science, Fellow of the American Academy for the Advancement of Science and star of the recent What the Bleep films.


Just as with any practitioner from any field, while specific outcomes cannot be guaranteed, Reconnective Healing has effected miraculous results in conditions such as:

  • Arthritis, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, MS, AIDS-related complaints and many other serious afflictions
Benefits my animal and human clients have received, sometimes in only one healing session, have included:
  • Deafness healed
  • Emotional issues & behaviours released or improved
  • Cessation of cancerous tumour pain  
  • Rebalancing of organ enzyme levels
  • Acute conditions/injury/trauma healed
  • Healing of chronic afflictions not helped by standard allopathic medicine/drugs, other alternative methods or "energy techniques"
  • Dual healings of client & those in proximity
  • Both deep relaxation & energy increase
  • Return of past multi-dimensional experience
  • Extremely peaceful and joyous transition


 § In the place of the heart, only one light shines. This light is the same in all beings.§

  ~Gurumayi Chidvilasananda 

I invite you and your animal companions to experience the wonders of this work. 

For more information about Reconnective Healing, please contact Debra, read Dr. Eric Pearl's book, "The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself" or visit:


Disclaimer: Debra Hadley and anyone associated with this work, inclusive of, but not limited to Reconnective Healing® Eric Pearl and The Reconnection®, make no representations or warranties regarding medical diagnosis and/or medical treatment, and are neither diagnosing nor treating specific health challenges. You are solely responsible for seeing to and continuing with your own medical treatment and care.

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